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What are the main reasons you recommend our service?

  1. Excellent quality and convenient hours
  2. Very attentive counselor and helped me though my hardest times.
  3. I have found Myndheal to be professional, caring and accessible.
  4. Good and flexiblity for appointments, friendly and flexible adviser
  5. Everyone needs a good therapist, and this is definitely it.
  6. My daughter has really benefited seeing Miss Gupta. She felt safe and listened to. She used what she learned in therapy during every day activities and her anxiety decreased significantly. I would definitely recommend Ajita Gupta. She has such a talent working with teens.
  7. The depth of Ajita's experience as a therapist and social worker make her someone safe to confide in and listen to.
  8. I appreciated the connection to Kaiser and making my health insurance plan work with your billing system
  9. My therapist is wonderful
  10. Online appointments are great.

What one thing could we do to make your experience better?

  1. I can’t think of anything at the moment. This is my first time going to therapy and I have had only good experiences, even when digging into and confronting trauma. Thank you.
  2. This is my first time doing therapy, and I have no complaints!
  3. Overall, my experience with MyndHeal has been very positive and I cannot currently think of anything that could actively make it better. I find that I work well with my clinician and she is very understanding of my needs.
  4. Not a thing
  5. I can't think of anything. Ajita and Samantha are always perfectly professional and very warm.